The core business of Pelion has a direct effect on the availability and safety of pharmacological therapies − be that at the stage of supplying medicines and other products to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies, to their transport and storage, to selling them and communicating with Patients at the retail level. From 2011 to the end of 2015, Pelion was guided by the following mission statement:

I Care for My Health − our passion, your investment

The belief it conveyed was that, by operating on the healthcare market, Pelion naturally assumes responsibility for the health of Patients. Therefore, the Company gets involved in initiatives promoting attitudes and solutions to improve health and supports individuals who, due to personal or financial difficulties, have limited access to pharmacotherapy. The Company’s decisions, choices and actions have helped it develop into an international organisation whose scale, profile and corporate culture allow it to take responsibility for its external impacts, particularly on Patients’ health.

Providing easier access to medicines, at the wholesale, retail and hospital levels, is what the Company has successfully delivered for the last 25 years and what underpins the Patients’ trust it now enjoys. However, at the moment Pelion is facing new challenges, which arise from rapid advances in technology and changing needs of Patients. The Company wants to make sure its offering is aligned with the current situation and market requirements.

As Pelion’s business grows, so does its impact. This is why in its 25th year of market presence, the Company decided to redefine its key business aspects. As a result, all Pelion’s activities are now centred around a new mission:

We are here to ensure a long and quality life for our customers and Patients

Besides further developing its three core business pillars, Pelion intends to focus on extending its range of services and programmes for Patients and customers, for example by introducing novel solutions that would go beyond mere pharmacological treatment, but would also raise awareness about health, well-being and vitality.

The Company wants to expand its offering not only where it involves traditional forms of Patient care, i.e. retail, wholesale and online sale of medicines, but also by developing healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical product packages, strong proprietary brands, innovative products and contract manufacturing services. Furthermore, it plans to further develop its web portals dedicated to various aspects of health, expanding its specialist medical care programme, creating dedicated mobile applications and providing more facilities for Patients. Pelion’s business goes well beyond traditional healthcare. The Company does not want to focus exclusively on treatment, but also on ways to improve the quality of life.