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A long-established company itself, Pelion cultivates the traditions of Polish pharmacy − as the patron of two pharmacy museums located in Łódź and in Lublin, and of historical pharmacies. A very important initiative is the publishing of monographs of Poland’s oldest pharmacies − to date, 14 such illustrated monographs have been published. Each of them is an extensive source of historical information on the pharmacy and its town, the lives of its successive owners and regional pharmacy traditions.

The museums are located in buildings of historical value, which once housed pharmacies. Both of them boast collections of unique furniture, utensils and books. They are educational and scientific facilities, as well as venues for exhibitions devoted to pharmacy and its history. In 2015, the Professor Jan Muszyński Museum of Pharmacy in Łódź offered both permanent and temporary exhibitions. The sustained interest in the Museum was confirmed by the large number of visitors during the International Night of Museums, a project in which the Łódź Museum has participated since 2008.

As part of its efforts to cultivate the history of Polish pharmacy, the Company has also become a patron of historical pharmacies, including the oldest one in Zamość.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report − Museum workshops for children and young people

Initiatives designed to popularise medicine, pharmacy and disease prevention

At Pelion, a strong emphasis is placed on health education and disease prevention. Each business line publishes its own periodicals, circulated directly among customers and patients. DOZ S.A. publishes ‘DOZ Magazyn Dbam o Zdrowie’, a periodical addressed to patients and all those who care for their health, fitness and mental well-being. The company is well aware of health problems affecting the elderly, whose age exposes them to more health conditions, and whose needs and interests differ from those of the younger generation. It has also noted other inconveniences faced by people in the autumn of their lives, one of them being an absence of press titles dedicated to readers over 60. It is for them that ‘Magazyn 60+’ was developed, dealing with problems that concern specifically this age group. What is important − the magazine is printed its large font, making it easy to read. Both ‘DOZ Magazyn Dbam o Zdrowie’ and ‘Magazyn 60+’ have their profiles on popular social networking sites. In 2015, ‘Magazyn 60+’ received the prestigious international Pearl Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

PGF’s trade partners are the target readers of ‘Bez Recepty’, a magazine covering current developments on the pharmaceutical market, which contains advice related to finance, operation of the pharmacy business, legal issues and other things.

The ‘Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna’ quarterly, issued by Urtica for hospital pharmacists, is a source of specialist knowledge edited by scientists and hospital pharmacy experts, whose editorial team has working links with academic institutions from all over Poland.

Expert knowledge and health-related advice can also be found on numerous online platforms run by the company (including, and