Responsible development of relations with employees

8,973 FTEs

1,620 MEN
7,353 WOMEN

65 internships

and work placements


internal promotions


employees covered by group insurance

PLN 0.4m

in co-financing
for fit-profit sports cards

PLN 1.5m

in co-financing for treatment under the proprietary programme ’PULS’

PLN 0.6m

in co-financing for drug insurance


Employees are the Company’s most important capital and business driver. It is their commitment, passion, skills and ethical conduct that make Pelion a successful business and a leader of change. For years, the Company has been creating and improving solutions to ensure that its employees enjoy the best working conditions and development opportunities. The main objective of its HR policy is to recruit and retain a team of employees who, in pursuit of the Company’s mission and targets, will build up its market value and sustainable competitive advantage. In 2015, particular attention was devoted to creating safe and stable working conditions. For instance, the Company was developing its medical care and healthy lifestyle promotion programmes launched in previous years. Pelion is committed to building and fostering a culture of equality and diversity, as declared in its Code of Ethics and overseen by the Ethics Officer. It offers equal working conditions to all employees, irrespective of their sex, age, religion, nationality, family situation or disability. Since 2012, Pelion has been a member of the Global Compact.

Its adopted HR Policy sets out the standards for the management of human resources. The document emphasises that Pelion builds its organisational culture in conformity with the law and standards of ethics, while promoting mutual respect and knowledge sharing. In all its dealings, it adheres to the principles of equal treatment and refrains from any form of discrimination, supporting and promoting openness, diversity and tolerance at the workplace. Effective cooperation and sound relations with employees are based on good internal and external communication. In the recruitment and employment process, Pelion seeks to hire and retain loyal people who work with passion and involvement, offering them stable jobs, great prospects for development, and a friendly and safe work environment. Employees can become volunteers and take part in charitable initiatives. To this end, the Company has in place modern solutions. Every employee can join the pay-roll programme and transfer specific amounts deducted from their salaries to the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation. In 2015, 650 donors chose this way to support the Foundation and those under its care.

The tables below present workforce as at December 31st 2015, excluding substitutions

The Company respects its employees’ right to join organisations. Four Trade Unions are active at the Company: in Poznań, in Lublin, and two in Kraków.

The Polish companies have in place a Collective Bargaining Agreement based on internal arrangements.

Diversity management

The key criterion in selecting employees is their knowledge and professional competencies, regardless of age, sex, disability, religious beliefs or nationality. As at December 31st 2015, the Company employed 7,505 women and 1,673 men, representing, respectively, 81.77% and 18.23% of total headcount. The reason why female employees have long outnumbered their male counterparts is related to the specific employment structure in the pharmaceutical industry. In terms of age, the employment structure has also remained fairly stable for a number of years. As at December 31st 2015, employees aged over 50 represented 17.3% of total headcount, including 14.62% of women. The Company offers professional advancement opportunities to young employees. For several years now, the percentage of staff under 30 years of age in the employment structure has remained practically unchanged at approximately 27%.

Each employee is given equal promotion opportunities. The staff are hired and promoted based solely on merit. Women hold managerial positions both at head offices and branches, representing 20% of all members of Pelion’s Supervisory and Management Boards. Female and male middle management account for, respectively, 0.6% and 0.7% of total workforce.

157 staff members with various disabilities were employed at the Company. For many years, Pelion has cooperated with a security services company having the status of a Supported Employment Enterprise. A total of 50 persons with disabilities work at all the protected facilities located across Poland.

Equal remuneration for women and men

Under the adopted and applicable HR policy, the Company’s employees are remunerated according to their performance, job grade, competencies, as well as the employer’s economic and financial situation. To ensure that remuneration paid to employees is adequate, the Company monitors the level of salaries and wages on an on-going basis and compares it with market rates applying to similar jobs. Depending on the job grade, the overall package comprises: the base pay, variable performance-based (bonus) pay, and additional benefits. Salaries of top and middle female managers at Polish companies represent, respectively, 94.56% and 107.64% of their male counterparts’ salaries. In Lithuania, the figures are 157.78% and 107.64%, respectively.


The Company is committed to offering a work environment free from any form of discrimination. Mobbing, sexual harassment and discrimination are unacceptable and go against the Company’s organisational culture. The principles and values embraced by the Company are set out in its Code of Ethics, overseen by the Ethics Officer. Issues related to respect, deserved by everyone, are also covered by the Company’s HR Policy. Employees can report any instances of discrimination directly to their line manager and to the Ethics Officer.

No instance of workplace discrimination occurred or was reported in 2015.

The presence in the local market.

In line with the adopted and applied HR policy, the Company attached great weight to its recruitment processes and favoured candidates from the local markets.
Poland is the local market for the Pelion Group companies operating in Poland. Similarly, Lithuania − for the companies present in that country, and the United Kingdom − for the company active on the UK market.

Recruitment. Adaptation. Employer Branding

In 2015, the recruitment department received over 25 thousand job applications, including internal applications, up by 50% on 2014. The Company’s staff are given priority as candidates for job openings. The decision-making process is supported by competence assessment through the Assessment Centre, as well as the results of periodic employee evaluations at companies where such evaluations are carried out. 359 positions were filled with internally promoted personnel.

In 2015, Pelion continued its membership in the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment – a group of companies implementing and supporting good recruitment practices. To ensure that a positive impression is created with candidates and to promote positive perception of the Company as an employer, we continue to raise the bar on our recruitment standards. In most cases, the recruitment process consists of several stages (including formal assessment of job applications, pre-selection of applicants over the telephone, job interviews). Both the HR division and future line managers of prospective employees are involved in the recruitment process, in which the candidates’ knowledge and skills are verified. Practical tasks as well as competence and psychological tests − and in some cases AC sessions − have been added to the recruitment process.

The process is tailored to business requirements and changing trends on the labour market. In 2015, DOZ launched an extensive recruitment campaign − the first such initiative on the pharmacy market in Poland − targeted not only at young people at the beginning of their professional careers, but also at those looking to change their career paths. Posters encouraging potential candidates to join the Company’s staff were displayed on hoardings, public transport stops, universities, newspapers, DOZ Apteki pharmacies, selected websites and internet portals.

In late 2014, the Company signed up to the business-oriented social networking service, creating an official Pelion profile to build and promote a consistent and positive image of the Company as a reliable employer. Initiatives communicated through the profile in 2015 helped it gain in popularity among potential candidates and employees. Over the year, the number of followers rose from 1,097 to 2,551, expanding the profile’s reach to 73,090 potential candidates.

To efficiently and effectively introduce new hires into the organisation and familiarise them with the corporate culture in place, the Company developed an adaptation programme for newly hired employees. It is divided into four thematic areas: from providing new hires with general information about the Company, familiarising them with details about the way it operates, through working under a mentor’s supervision, to gradual induction training and summing up the adaptation period. In 2015, as part of the new adaptation process, 58 persons received induction training at the DOZ head office. In 2016 induction training is expected to be offered to new hires at all Pelion Group companies.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. - My day closer to the Pharmacy and Patients.

A Reliable, Responsible and Desired Employer

Pelion is among the largest employers in the Polish and Lithuanian healthcare sectors. The majority of Pelion’s staff live near the employing companies, whereby the Company influences local economies. Pelion is a good neighbour supporting local communities. For a number of years, Pelion has consistently pursued the idea of partnership between business and higher education institutions, providing students and graduates with opportunities to gain professional experience. The Company has established close links with local universities. It takes part in three prestigious internship programmes, including Program Kariera (the Career Programme), run in association with the Polish Business Roundtable, Młodzi w Łodzi (the Young in Łódź), organised by the Łódź Municipality, and Liderzy w Sektorze Ochrony Zdrowia (Leaders in the Healthcare Sector), under the auspices of the Lesław Paga Foundation.

The Career Programme has become a fixture among Pelion’s initiatives in the Business 2 Universities area. It is dedicated to university students and graduates, who are being prepared for business leader roles. Its innovative format offers a chance to young talent embarking on their professional careers to gain valuable work experience. In 2015, it was for the eleventh time that the Company took part in the programme, offering project internships to nine students and graduates.

As a company with strong links with the city of Łódź since its inception, Pelion has long supported the city’s students and local initiatives aimed at the recruitment of young job seekers from the local labour market. Therefore, in 2015, the Company again offered summer holiday internships under the Young in Łódź programme, designed to encourage the young to plan their future careers in Łódź. The internships were completed by two students.

The objective of the Leaders in the Healthcare Sector project is to educate the best, open-minded students planning their careers in healthcare management. The winner of the contest participated in work on an original project concerning private healthcare.

As part of its partnership with the academic community, Pelion engages in a variety of activities, offering opportunities to acquire job experience through tailor-made work placements and internship programmes for students. Students have a chance to complete internships related to their respective fields of studies. The work placement programme is agreed individually with each student, depending on the expectations of their universities and the Company’s current needs. In 2015, 27 students participated in internships and 26 pharmacists completed work placements at DOZ Apteki Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies.

Healthy and friendly workplace

Health promotion
Health promoting activities, undertaken as part of the Pelion Wellness programme, give employees an opportunity to improve their health and fitness, and to change unhealthy habits through physical activity, healthy eating, caring for their health and work-life balance.

Under the programme, the Company maintains a blog site ( which promotes healthy lifestyles and brings together all employees who want to stay fit and healthy. In 2015, programme initiatives included health promoting sessions, as well as a physical activity workshop with elements of yoga and relaxation techniques. During annual meetings of Pelion’s management staff, physical activity sessions are organised under the Pelion Wellness programme, including morning exercises and runs with a trainer, as well as relaxation workshops.

Numerous Group companies organise ‘fruity days’, during which employees are invited to fresh fruit and cocktails. Over the entire year, 2,440 kg of fruit were distributed among employees.

Also the DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU is very popular with employees. In 2015, more than 100 employees took part in the marathon and the accompanying ten-kilometre run, with around 90 employee children competing in the Kids Run. All year round, employees preparing for the runs take part in running practices under the eye of professional trainers.


and consultations

40 preventive

health campaigns


Fit-Profit cards






full-time jobs

37 years

employee age


persons with disabilities

Work comfort

Employees of all Group companies, working under employment contracts, are entitled to various employee and social benefits. Moreover, each company establishes additional benefits for its employees. Every employee can join group insurance plans offered by several insurers on very favourable terms. As at the end of 2015, as many as 3,777 employees and 694 family members were covered by such insurance. Employees can also join a drug insurance plan providing for significant discounts off regular drug prices; the plan is fully funded by the employer. An employee can also buy a drug insurance card for their family members. As at the end of 2015, 1,900 employees and 193 family members were covered by the drug insurance.

Numerous employees and their family members also buy company-co-financed sports cards. 1,751 employees have already purchased such cards.

The Group companies offer their employees additional benefits in the form of co-financing or financing of various sporting activities. In Łódź and Wrocław, employees can take part in running or nordic walking practices supervised by professional trainers. Numerous employees also pursue their sporting interests in gyms rented by their employers.

Most Pelion Group companies offer employees various benefits financed from their Company Social Benefits Funds, including events for employees, employee allowances and loans. It has become an established tradition to organise Children’s Day events for employees’ children. Even after retirement, former employees can receive benefits from the Company Social Benefits Funds, for instance, in the form of co-financing of expenditure on holiday celebrations and recreation. The Group companies maintain contacts with their former employees, which enjoy a standing invitation to company events.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – Nordic Walking Teams

Specialist Medical Care (PULS) programme

The PULS programme, which includes disease prevention initiatives and specialist medical care, was launched in January 2015 in pursuit of Pelion’s mission to promote a long and quality life. The programme provides all-encompassing healthcare support (from preventing diseases and promoting awareness of healthy lifestyles, to professional medical care and pharmaceutical therapy).

Comprehensive medical care is provided by the modern Brzeziny Specialist Hospital and ten partner facilities, performing laboratory and imaging tests.

30 physicians, representing 19 medical specialisations, take care of Pelion employees’ health. In 2015, specialist physicians gave an average of 114 consultations per month under the programme. Almost 3,700 tests were run. A total of over 5,000 medical services were provided under the PULS programme in 2015.

PULS puts considerable emphasis on disease prevention. In the first year of the programme’s operation, 40 disease prevention campaigns were conducted, related to various areas of healthcare. Pelion employees had an opportunity to undergo various tests, including blood pressure measurement, dermal naevus tests, prostate specific tests, breast USG and colonoscopy, as well as learn about healthy diet during dedicated lectures and individual consultations with a dietician, learn first-aid skills or get vaccinated against flu. Over 60% of the PULS participants took part in all disease prevention campaigns run under the programme.

Pregnant participants were given special attention. It was with pregnant women and infants in mind that the first programme package PULS DLA MAMY (PULS FOR MUMS) was launched. The package includes a broad range of healthcare services provided in comfortable conditions at the Brzeziny Specialist Hospital, covering pregnancy, labour and the first weeks after childbirth. A woman can attend childbirth classes, undergo numerous tests and develop a labour plan together with her obstetrician.

The TelePULS service is also provided under the programme. Calling a dedicated number, employees can obtain additional health-related information. The answering expert can suggest which specialist to consult about the reported symptoms, how to interpret test results or how to lead a healthy life. This is not a doctor’s consultation, but an additional source of information.

The PULS programme is also about communication. In 2015, several dozen folders, leaflets, posters, as well as 14 special issues of the PULS Newsletter were distributed among the programme participants. The newsletter provides information on programme events, advises how to obtain care under the programme and introduces PULS specialists. It also includes valuable information on human health.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – First-aid training.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – PULS programme

Employees’ personal development

Education and trainings

Pelion places considerable emphasis on personal development of its employees, arranging training related to their responsibilities, but also developing their soft skills, such as time management, stress management, work-life balance, etc. Employees also actively participate in conferences organised by Pelion Group companies (including the Pharmaceutical Economics Congress and DOZ Franchising Forum), as well as other conferences and industry training sessions, organised by third parties.

In 2015, over 66 thousand hours of training were provided to Pelion Group employees. The training sessions were conducted both by external firms and in-house trainers. The average training time per one employee was eight hours. Compared with 2014, expenditure on training rose by over 25% (at Poland based companies). Special focus is placed on customer service and sales training designed for the sales staff. In the first edition of the ‘Talent Manufacture’ programme, the best account managers were selected and offered a series of training sessions to develop numerous skills and prepare them for various roles within the organisation. For the sales, proprietary brand and procurement staff of DOZ, a tailored negotiating skills programme was prepared.

Pelion also consistently supports the development of management skills. In 2015, the ‘Managers Academy’, programme addressed to Pelion Group companies’ management personnel, was continued. The managers took part in workshops devoted to maximising their personal potential – the workshops on how to effectively introduce change and apply key management skills: focus on performance, team and employees.

A dedicated management programme was developed for regional managers at DOZ. The quarterly workshops were designed to systematise the managers’ soft skills. The workshops were accompanied by pre-workshops and post-workshops, designed to consolidate the newly acquired skills. In 2015, two thematic areas were covered: ‘Emotional Intelligence in a Manager’s Work and Effective Communication with Subordinates’ and ‘Strengthening a Regional Manager’s Attitudes’. During 384 hours of training, 24 regional managers were trained.

2015 saw the continuation of DOZ’s ‘Model Pharmacy’ project. Its main objective is to develop management skills of the managers of DOZ Apteki Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacies. The project supports development and ambitions going beyond mere pharmacy operation. The title of the ‘Model Pharmacy Manager’ opens doors to various training programmes, which develop extremely valuable skills of personnel or change management, as well as of conflict settling within a team. The ‘Model Pharmacy’ title offers additional benefits in pharmacy management. In the first place, though, it is an opportunity to be ranked among the best managers of DOZ pharmacies. Model Pharmacy Managers are appointed semi-annually, while the ‘Model Pharmacy’ title is awarded on an annual basis.

DOZ also implemented the ‘Training Pharmacies’ project, where selected managers with mentoring skills are responsible for induction of new pharmacy managers, sharing knowledge necessary for successful management of a pharmacy.

Pelion encourages its employees to share knowledge within the organisation. An example is the ‘DOZ Academy’ programme, whose main idea is to support mutual learning, as well as information and best practice sharing. The programme is addressed to the DOZ head office’s employees interested in a workshop panel covering a specific subject. Subjects covered by the DOZ Academy include: law, finance, marketing and market trends, cooperation, creating enterprise value, work organisation, sports, active recreation and work-life balance. In 2015, the workshop panels were attended by 138 persons.

Employees can also receive co-financing for language or IT courses, and attend post-graduate courses.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. − DOZ Academy