Social responsibility management

Pelion understands corporate social responsibility primarily as the conduct of business with a view to building value based on lasting partnerships with suppliers, customers for our services and products, employees, local communities and other stakeholders. In its operations, Pelion is guided by ethical values and standards of conduct, implements innovative solutions across all business areas and works with its business partners based on trust, transparency, integrity and responsibility.

Our business philosophy is reflected in our mission: ‘We are here to ensure a long and quality life for our customers and patients’. Pelion is an initiator and leader of change, acting ethically and promoting sustainable development. For its employees, Pelion creates a safe and sustainable working environment, where emphasis is placed on their involvement and personal development. In the social sphere, the Company undertakes initiatives which have both a direct and indirect effect on human health and lives; promoting health education and active lifestyles, as well as assisting the sick and socially excluded, and thus contributing to improvement of their health.

Since the beginning, the Company’s CSR initiatives have aimed to strengthen its bonds with local communities. The DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation, Urtica for Children project, Maraton DOZ Association and Pharmacy Museums partner with local authorities, universities and NGOs across Poland.

Drawing on its experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the Company is able to effectively leverage its competences for the benefit of society − by helping to solve vital problems such as restricted access to drugs, its employees − by encouraging them to do volunteering work and help others, and its business goals – by improving the perception and creating social value of the brand.

Since 2008, the CSR mission has been implemented through the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation, which coordinates and initiates activities of Group companies for the benefit of local communities. For 18 years, as the Pelion Group’s initiative, PGF Urtica, supported by the DOZ Foundation, has organised the Urtica for Children event, with its Sunny Gallery project addressed to children’s oncology wards.

All these are long-term efforts, continually developed and improved, which shows how much importance the Company attaches to its mission and responsibility.

For its overall CSR activity in 2015 and contribution to sustainable development, Pelion was awarded the Polityka White CSR Leaf.

Recognised long-term practices

  • Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – ‘Single But Not Alone’ (a campaign for single mothers)
  • Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – Payroll
  • Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’
  • Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – ‘You Can Be the Santa Claus’

Donating Blood

In 2015, Pelion partnered with a Regional Blood Centre, and its employees started donating blood, becoming Honorary Donors. The first blood donation campaign was organised on the Company’s 25th anniversary in November and December at two locations − Łódź and Wrocław. Some employees additionally registered as potential bone marrow donors. The campaign, which attracted widespread support and generated many commitments of taking part in its future editions, will be continued in 2016, with a schedule of three sessions already agreed and accepted.

Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2015 report. – ‘Donating Blood’

Dignity Day

In 2015, Pelion, for the seventh time, co-organised the Global Dignity Day, which falls on the third Wednesday of October. It is a global initiative seeking to make the concept of dignity tangible and understandable to young people, while encouraging them to actively promote dignity throughout the school year. The Dignity Day is coordinated by Pelion’s volunteers, who invite schools and guests to meet with students of junior high and high schools. On the Global Dignity Day, which in 2015 fell on October 21st, Pelion volunteers and special guests, including well-known people who have gained recognition and respect for their achievements in various fields, met with students of four schools in Łódź. The event was attended by some 400 students, who had the opportunity to meet with Małgorzata Niemczyk, a volleyball player, Magdalena Michalak, a journalist, Anna Cymmerman, an opera singer, Jacek Kusiński, a photographer and publisher, and world-renowned violinist, Izabella Żebrowska, among other guests.

All commitments for 2015 have been fulfilled.

  • Continuation of the Global Dignity Day project
  • Continuation of the ‘Become a Benefactor’ programme
  • Organisation of the Charity Evening
  • Development of the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ project together with partner organisations
  • Continuation of the ‘Single But Not Alone’ project for single mothers

Commitments for 2016–2018

All our projects from the CSR area consistently meet with the approval of stakeholders, as well as opinion-leading institutions. Consequently, according to Pelion’s 2016–2018 CSR strategy, they will be continued and developed to further expand their reach.

Stakeholders about Pelion:

Magdalena Pękacka

Head of the Benefactors Forum

“The Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation is rapidly developing, without compromising its management and grant-giving standards. I am very pleased to see the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ grant programme flourish. Last year alone, the Foundation had roughly 100 NGOs and institutions on its list of beneficiaries, helped over 19,000 individuals and increased its grant pool to over PLN 1.9m. Grants are awarded in a contest procedure, with the winners selected by a judging panel composed of external experts working on a pro bono basis. The award procedure is transparent and publicly available from the Foundation’s website, as is the list of beneficiaries. Compared with other well-developed corporate foundations, the budget of the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation’s grants is quite substantial. The Foundation deserves praise for its consistent efforts to eliminate barriers in access to pharmaceuticals, which allows a growing number of Patients to buy the medication they need. All these activities set the Foundation and its founder apart from competition.”

s. Magdalena Krawczyk

Head of the Stanisława Leszczyńska Single Mothers’ Shelter in Łódź

“On average, the Single Mothers’ Shelter is home to 60 residents, including over 30 children. Accordingly, the facility has considerable needs. What is more, such a grouping of people can lead to the spread of diseases, especially among children. Buying food, diapers and cosmetics for children is very costly. Without the helping hand of the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation, we would not be able to take proper care of the children and their mothers. Many of the children staying with us suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma and allergies, and thus require specialist treatment. Also an increasing number of women require pharmaceutical treatment for depression and other disorders. We simply do not have funds to purchase drugs, which is why the Foundation’s support is invaluable. The sad truth is that without the Foundation our in-house pharmacy would be all but empty.

However, their support for our Stanisława Leszczyńska Single Mothers’ Shelter in Łódź extends beyond purchase of drugs. They are also our good neighbour, supporting local initiatives such as the ‘Babycare Package’ annual campaign by donating gruel and milk for our youngest residents. Moreover, the Foundation encourages Pelion employees to collect plastic bottle caps for our facility, which help us finance other necessities. The Foundation’s employees also initiate charity drives, and donate clothing and toys for our mothers and children. We are deeply grateful to the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation for any kind of support. Without them, things at the Shelter would be much more difficult.”

Jolanta Czernicka-Siwecka

President of the ISKIERKA Foundation

“By having the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation as a partner, we can combine various areas to deliver joint projects for the benefit of patients.

One such project was a charity event attended by Szymon Majewski, a long-time friend and ambassador of the ISKIERKA Foundation. During the event, an auction was held with the proceeds (of PLN 90,720) used to purchase drugs and medical equipment for patients. Initiatives such as this greatly facilitate the pursuit of our core goals by changing the hospital reality of children’s oncology wards across Silesia.

Another joint project is the DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU, a marathon race, in which we have already participated twice. The sheer energy generated by this event, as well as the involvement of our running patients and their families, have inspired us to undertake further efforts. We have proved that helping others can go hand in hand with a true passion, as aptly evidenced by the marathon. It also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for patients, who often struggle with the challenges of rehabilitation and regaining their former fitness.”

Wielisława Rogalska

President of the St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society in Koło Łódzkie

“The goal of St. Brother Albert’s Aid Society is to help the homeless and poor, including the disabled. The essence of our activities is to restore their human dignity. Dignity is restored not only by satisfying the essential material needs, but also by working in a community, rekindling and fostering relationships, rebuilding values and gaining skills necessary to be a well-functioning member of society.

The support extended by the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation perfectly matches our needs. Drugs, wound dressings and other medical products are indispensable in our day-to-day activities and invaluable to our residents. Most residents of shelters and night-shelters for the homeless are elderly, ill or disabled people, afflicted with various health conditions, in need of continuous treatment.

However, the Foundation’s support is not limited to buying drugs. Its clothing and toy charity drives are also a major source of aid, as the need for such items is constantly growing. Our partnership with the Foundation has also given us a chance to participate twice in the DOZ Łódź Marathon in partnership with PZU. We were able to motivate our residents, both adults and children from the Women’s Shelter, to take part in that running event. Their participation has had added benefits. Our younger residents have made some positive lifestyle changes, taking better care of their physical fitness and health.”

Sławomir Janus

President of the Liver Association

“The Liver Association is a non-government organisation focused on healthcare and charity, which seeks to help seriously ill children from disadvantaged families. We have many children under our care, most of them suffering from liver diseases, in need of drugs and aids. Liver and biliary tract diseases are chronic and have a poor prognosis. They require continuous pharmacological and surgical treatment and, in the case of liver failure, a transplant. Given the chronicity of these diseases and the need to take numerous drugs, parents are often unable to afford basic pharmaceuticals for their children. By participating in the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ project, we can effectively help more children and provide them with life-saving drugs. The ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ grant competition is a nationwide project addressed to all organisations from the healthcare and social aid sectors, such as ours. Our involvement is also a chance to form new partnerships. This is particularly valuable as the exchange of experience, thoughts, and direct conversations help us run our organisation and are a source of inspiration. Continuous support gives our patients a sense of stability and security.”

Beata Łopatniuk

Fundraiser, Hospice Foundation

“The Hospice Foundation has cooperated with the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation for several years now, giving us a sense of profound purpose of our joint efforts and satisfaction with their results. Thanks to the Foundation’s nationwide grant competition, we can help our patients who struggle financially to purchase drugs and medical equipment. Thanks to the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation, we have participated twice in the DOZ Łódź Marathon in partnership with PZU, which was another opportunity to raise funds for our patients.

In 2015, we partnered with Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna and volunteers from the DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation of Gdańsk, who joined our cap-collecting effort. In the process, we gained a good neighbour who supports our local initiatives. We are very satisfied with this partnership, our joint meetings and the chance to share experience. The DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation is helping us to make a more positive difference for those in need.”

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