DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation


distributed during
the four editions
of the project


beneficiaries of the foundation's assistance


of aid distributed
under the 'Together
we can accomplish more'


individuals received grant aid in 2015

Help for

343 children
380 women

PLN 208,800

in assistance

The DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation helps individuals who are in need due to personal circumstances or financially distress, by financing their medicinal products and medical materials. The Foundation is also engaged in a wide range of activities related to health protection and lifesaving, including support and implementation of health, educational and charity initiatives. It is a platform for cooperation and commitment of all companies and employees in philanthropic activities and community projects.

Over the past four years, the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ project has become the DOZ Foundation’s most important and far-ranging initiative. It is designed to integrate and expand links between non-governmental organisations and other entities operating in the healthcare and social welfare sector with a view to removing barriers in access to medication. Its flagship initiative is the Grant Contest, through which the Foundation provides financial support for nationwide and local projects addressed to people at risk of social exclusion, the sick, the homeless and the lonely, who cannot afford to purchase medication and medical materials. The winners are selected by a jury composed of individuals representing various professions and backgrounds. With their experience, social engagement and objectivity, they help choose the best partner organisations for the project. The jury includes representatives of the Donors’ Forum, a pharmacist, a hospital director, as well as the most active volunteers of the Foundation and its representatives. In 2015, the project was run by 98 organisations, which delivered assistance to around 19,000 people in need. Year by year, the amount donated by the Foundation to finance projects as part of the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ grant contest increases due to growing needs of non-governmental organisations.


2012 2013 2014 2015
620,000 1,327,300 1,559,900 1,923,500

Since 2009, the DOZ Foundation has also supported institutions for single mothers (with 15 such facilities across Poland covered by its assistance). In 2015, in addition to financial assistance, the Foundation continued to organise meetings with celebrities and cultural events for women residing at the institutions.

During the eight years of its operation the Foundation has been supporting various local initiatives to help individuals struggling with diseases, including events organised by the ‘Painted with Hope’ Association for the Disabled at the Łódź Archdiocese and the ‘Heart for Christmas’ project run by Caritas. Each year it joins the ‘Cereal for Baby’ campaign of Fundacja Pomocy Rodzinie (Family Support Foundation). The Foundation provides regular support to the Dom w Łodzi Foundation, St Brother Albert Association and other organisations by supplying them with medical products, wound dressings and hygiene products it receives from Pelion companies. In 2015, the Foundation helped 114 organisations.

The Foundation also initiates and coordinates campaigns encouraging Pelion employees to support local initiatives. One example is the ‘Caps into bags’ project which, in addition to its environmental purpose, has a social dimension. Caps collected by the employees support the activities of the Hospice Foundation of Gdańsk, the Children’s Hospice in Łódź, and the Single Mother Shelter of Łódź.

Employees of all Pelion Group companies engage in the Foundation’s projects. The permanent volunteer group consists of about 100 persons, but more people participate in individual events. Our employees are also involved in the Pay-roll project launched in 2013, transferring specific amounts deducted from their salaries to the Foundation. Each month the project is joined by new participants. In 2015, the group numbered approximately 650 employees.

The Foundation runs the ‘Become a Benefactor’ programme to provide assistance to those under its care. In 2015, it was 48 people, including 22 children. The Foundation organises Children’s Day and Santa Clause events for children. Each year the little ones write letters to Santa, telling him what gifts they dream about. And those dreams are then fulfilled by the volunteers and employees from all Pelion companies. Such projects have an integrating role and encourage a joint effort across departments and entire companies. It is volunteers that make it possible for the Foundation to help all that come under its care, as they offer help and attention by helping solve various problems, organising visits at hospitals and outpatient clinics, and dealing with various matters at offices and courts. They organise charity campaigns during the DOZ Marathon Run Łódź with PZU as well as other initiatives as needs dictate. What matters the most, however, is the bond that is created between the people the Foundation supports and the volunteers. Spending time together, talking and showing kindness and interest are an invaluable form of help to people who are frequently lonely and elderly. In addition to health and financial issues, they face social exclusion. Thanks to the friendship and interest shown by the volunteers their social life comes back to balance.

The social and business partners of the DOZ Dbam o Zdowie Foundation particularly appreciate the charity nights organised to bring together Pelion stakeholders. The commitment of many people and institutions makes it possible to raise more funds to help the sick. In 2015, this initiative helped to collect funds for children with cancer. Szymon Majewski, Ambassador for the Iskierka Foundation, was the guest of the night. He talked about his engagement in various social initiatives and emphasised how important it is to help other people. All of the raised funds were used to purchase necessary medications and infusion pumps. During the fifth charity night a record amount of PLN 97,720 was collected thanks to the generosity of the guests as well as the individuals and employees engaged in finding interesting items for the night’s auction.

Since 2013, the Foundation has been a member of the Donors’ Forum, an association of independent and financially self-sufficient organisations granting donations for socially responsible causes. The Forum brings together foundations and associations which award grants for various social projects serving the good of the public as a whole. Each of them sets its own goals, priorities, policies and rules for offering support. The Donors’ Forum in Poland was established as a means to enhance the benefactors’ skills and spread best practices in granting donations. The Forum also seeks to create a friendly and transparent environment for developing grant activities and build social trust in the organisations, firms and institutions engaged in such activities.

2012 2013 2014 2015
1,311,119.02 2,070,597.81 2,315,755.39 2,700,720.83