Pelion on the WSE in 2015

In 2015, Pelion’s stock traded within the range from PLN 43.48 to PLN 89.69. The maximum price was reached on January 13th, and on December 8th the price dropped to the lowest level. From January to April 2016 Pelion’s shares continued horizontal trend initiated in July 2015. Their quotations fluctuated between PLN 76 - PLN 90 during this period. In May, the Company's shares moved down of more than 19% month on month and then, in June and July there was a small correction. From August to November the Company's shares were on a downward trend. December saw a strong rebound. The share price ended the month and the year 2015 at the level of PLN 54.29, gaining more than 6.6% month on month. The annual average trading volume was just nearly 1.59 thousand shares in 2015, reaching the year’s high in May (2.89 thousand) and the year’s low in February (0.74 thousand). The Company’s market capitalisation at year end stood at PLN 605m.

Pelion on the WSE
Listing market WSE
Market / Segment Main/50 PLUS
Quotation system Continous
Industry sector Wholesale
Abbreviated name PEL
Bloomberg PEL PW
Reuters PELIO.WA
Participant in indexes at the end of 2015 WIG, sWIG80, Respect Index
Number of shares at the end of 2015 11,145,714

Year of dividend payment Dividend
Dividend Yield*
2011 15 1,23 2.5%
2012 18 2,0 7.8%
2013 23 2,0 3.4%
2014 34 3,0 4.1%
2015 22 2,0 2.4%
* Dividend Yield to the share price on the dividend record date

February 1998, the inflows from IPO amounted to PLN 75m. Since 1998 Pelion has paid dividends of PLN 243m to shareholders and has carried out buyback of shares amounted to PLN 81.5m.

On April 21st 2015, the Annual General Meeting of Pelion S.A. resolved to allocate a part of the 2014 net profit towards payment of dividend to the Company’s shareholders at PLN 2 per share. As at the resolution date, 11,185,575 shares conferred the right to dividend, excluding 39,861 shares bought back by the Company for cancellation. The total amount of dividend paid was PLN 22,291,428.

Pursuant to the Pelion Management Board’s recommendation, on April 19th 2016 the Annual General Meeting passed a resolution to allocate all of the Company’s profit for 2015 to statutory reserve funds.

Investor relations

The Company is committed to maintaining an open dialogue with the capital market, in keeping with the principles of transparency. Communication with investors and equity analysts, in the form of direct meetings, phone calls and emails, is reciprocal - Pelion’s employees share information on the Company and receive feedback, which helps them further enhance the dialogue. In addition, in 2015 the Company surveyed the analysts to find out their expectations and assessment of the Company’s communication standards.

One proof of the Company’s determination to foster its relations with retail investors and other stakeholders are the high notes received by since its launch (2011) in consecutive editions of the Golden Website Award. In addition to informative content of the website and its usefulness, the jury commended the manner of communicating with investors and prompt response to queries addressed to the Company through channels available on the website.

In order to present the Company to a larger group of retail investors, on May 19th 2015 Pelion’s representatives attended the ‘Shareholders’ fair, held as part of the 19th WallStreet conference.

In December 2015, Pelion was included for the fourth time in the RESPECT Index, highlighting WSE listed companies that are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner. The index represents a valid point of reference for stock market investors who want to be sure they invest in companies run to the best-in-class standards of management.

Commitments for 2015:

  • Make efforts to remain in the subsequent editions of the Respect Index;
  • Implementation and improvement of modern forms of communication with investors;

All commitments were realised

Commitments for the future:

  • Participation in Respect Index in subsequent editions;
  • The publication of Pelion’s individual and consolidated financial statements simultaneously in two languages – Polish and English - in order to ensure equal access to information for investors;