DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU

4 thousand



the best result
in 2015

PLN 46,110

applied towards charitable initiatives

DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU is a well-appreciated and recognisable initiative in the CSR area. While promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity, it also promotes a modern model of charity, encouraging participants to combine running with help for the needy.

DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU is an annual three-day event with a number of accompanying events and numerous attractions for runners and their supporters. In addition to the marathon and accompanying ten-kilometre run, the event includes: the Kids’ Run, the Breakfast Run with Polish sports stars, a family picnic with medical check-ups, as well as the fair for exhibitors and partners of the event.

The organisers also take care of appropriate physical preparation of the runners, who can train with the Dbam o Zdrowie Team free of charge, at three different levels, under the watchful eye of experienced trainers. The preparation programme continued from October 2014 to April 2015, with a regular turnout of about 100 participants. Concurrently with the Dbam o Zdrowie team’s practices, the DOZ Maraton Cup was organised, comprising five running events allowing the participants to better prepare for the April marathon.

On top of the sports-related goals, the Łódź marathon has been meant to promote charity in a modern style. As part of the ‘Running to Help’ initiative, runners could make a donation to a charity of their choice while registering for the event. Participants could also organise their own charity drives through fundraising websites for an individual person or public benefit organisation, or support charity drives organised by other runners. The overall goal of the ‘Running to Help’ campaign was to increase the awareness of barriers in access to medication. The DOZ Dbam o Zdrowie Foundation became a partner of the initiative.

Employees of Pelion’s companies formed 11 fund-raisings dedicated to Foundation’s wards.The raised funds were used by partner organisations to purchase pharmaceuticals, medical products and rehabilitation equipment. Due to the ‘Share a kilometre’ project organised by PZU, partner organisations of the marathon receive additional funds to carry out its statutory activities. In sixth edition of DOZ Maraton Łódź in partnership with PZU the partner organisations comprised: ‘Dom w Łodzi” (Home in Lodz) Foundation, Iskierka (Sparkle) Foundation, Stowarzyszenie Pomocy im. Św. Brata Alberta (St. Albert’s Aid Association) and Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym Dzieciom – Liver (Aid Association for Children with Chronic Illnesses – Liver)

In 2015, the DOZ Marathon Łódź in partnership with PZU was the first running event in Poland to receive a five-star certificate of the European Athletics Federation, confirming that it is organised to the highest standards. Another proof of appreciation came when Łódź was chosen to host Poland Women’s Marathon Championships.