Innovative solutions for Patients

In its daily operations, Pelion looks for solutions improving the quality of Patients’ lives and more effectively meeting their needs. It is engaged in educational activities, e.g. by issuing periodicals (such as Magazyn 60+), and puts in place solutions adapted to the needs of various Patient groups, including sensitive Patients, for instance by providing special facilities at Dbam o Zdrowie (DOZ) pharmacies. At the same time, Pelion can see the need for making the Polish healthcare system more efficient and improving the availability of healthcare services to Patients in Poland. The Company perceives innovation as an investment in Polish Patients and a key driver of the pharmaceutical sector.

The innovative solutions rolled out by Pelion with Patients in mind include the e-orders and m-orders online platforms enabling easy and convenient ordering of drugs, launch of drug insurance and related support services, a medical knowledge website combining content with a social medium, and the COGNINET brain diagnostics and preventive brain care programme. Other solutions include a safe and tight system for distribution of pharmaceuticals to Patients, complete with a unique order picking line. Pelion is also engaged in research into the application of 1-MNA, an innovative particle, for treatment of atherosclerosis and in dermocosmetology.